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How to become a Software Tester II



Hi there ,

Previous post was about some basic ideas about considering your future job as a software tester.

Let’s move on.


Fact #4: Practice a lot

There is a lot on the internet about software testing. Read articles, books, blogs or listening to podcasts. On YouTube everyone is able to find multiple examples of basic knowledge tutorials stating how to test software. Listen to the speeches from various software conferences around the world. There is also a lot about some specific tools which help testers on daily basis.

What I mean by practice? When you got yourself familiar with tool to testing mobile applications, for instance Android Studio or XCode, you will be able to test apps as well. Try to download some apps from Google Play or App Store and at first – just to brake them. Hunt UI or functional issues. Do as much as you can to brake and don’t be afraid of braking stuff – this is what testers do:)


Fact #5: It is not an easy job

Some of you may think of Software Testing as an easy way of making money. You just click buttons and they pay you a lot.

Testing is not just clicking buttons. In most cases it is also facing the customer and taking great responsibility for the product. Tester is a person who eventually advises if testing is finished and the product might be delivered. Believe me, sometimes it is not a piece of cake. I’m thinking about medical equipment or some life-depending applications. There is always a question ‘Did I find everything?’.

Testers prepare lot of test and project documentation as well and – sometimes – run endless discussions (did I say arguments?) with the developers or/and customers. As we all know – ‘Days of coding might save you hours of planning ‘:)

Think about all pros and cons of being a tester and, maybe, about some particular branch that you are interested in.


Fact #6: Learn how to code

Yes and no.
If you are completely fresh feet in the IT industry – don’t be to harsh to yourself.’ I can’t code – I’ll never be a tester.’ No. The more you learn – the more you know. Simple. Rome wasn’t build in a day.

It is good to know what HTML, CSS, SQL is and how to use them (and what for), but no one would expect (prove me wrong) that a junior tester must know Java or Python by heart. Read and practice, find some online courses and just try. (How wise I am 🙂 ).


Fact #7: ISTQB Certification

Before you apply for your first testing position – go through ISTQB Foundation Level requirements and learn most of the theory by heart. I mean it. It may seem not useful – but treat my advice as a good friendly hint:)

You don’t have to pass the exam – it is expensive. It is considered as a must just in a few organizations. For most of the companies – it’s a plus – not a requirement. Let’s be honest – you should have this knowledge in your head and know how to use it – this is what you will prove during any job interview.

On Facebook  is some testing-related forums people write ‘I would like to start my job as a tester, I have no experience, but have the certificate’. It becomes more and more popular to look for a tester position this way – but does it really work? I doubt.

It is a better idea to look for some internship in IT company, do some courses or online tutorials and grab some knowledge there, than to have a certificate passed without any experience.


I don’t know if I wrote anything fresh or new to you, hope this article clarifies some issues regarding Software Tester job.

If you have any questions or comments – don’t hesitate to stalk me on Twitter or write below the post. Take care!


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