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Test:Fest Wrocław


My first time as a speaker during testing conference

It won’t be a objective opinion about Test:Fest conference that took place in Wrocław (Poland) yesterday. It will be highly subjective, as they allowed me to run a discussion panel about agile there 🙂 #fame #MeSpeaking

Apart from this amazing fact, I would like to give a short feedback from attendee/speaker’s point of view.


This free conference has 3-year long tradition now. People, who put it into life, dedicated their spare time, over hours and plenty of good will to make it happen. This year the event was amazing – over 400 attendees, 26 speakers and whole-day event. Awesome.




All presentations were great and well prepared – my favorites: Antoni Roszak (Wojna o jakość, czyli co ma lotnictwo wojskowe do testowania) talking about battle that testers fight for quality and Tomek Dubikowski (Level up your Quality) with his game 😀


My debut

The most stressful for me – talking to people about agile and getting feedback. There were surprisingly lot of attendees at my discussion panel (How to become Jedi tester). Discussion was vivid and involving. All went quite well, so I think I’ve done my homework.

I had the one and only supporter Daria – who stood behind my back and was amazingly supportive the whole day and during the panel.


In the end – my presentation was ranked as 3rd best so… not bad, isn’t it? I believe that everyone now is able to be the real Jedi tester in their teams.



I am very excited that I had an opportunity to meet people and talk to them. I love such events as this is a unique chance to meet people that I basically know from Twitter or Facebook.
The whole event was great success. Starting from crowded reception with dozens of people waiting for registration, through well-organized coffee brakes and amazing spot, to the calm and chilling after party. You can feel that Test:fest is created by people and their involvement.
Testing is growing in Poland, so do we!


2 thoughts on “Test:Fest Wrocław

  1. Yeah, I do agree it was a great event! Lots of good stuff? Are you planning to write some post about you panel? I was actually curious about it, shame it was in same time window as Michał presentation about dev test pairing.


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