Hello World … again !


It’s been a while since I’ve posted something. Honest apologies for everyone, who visited my blog looking for some updates and found none.

Blog and I – we were on a break 😉


A lot happened in the meantime – especially in the field of charity. There are quite involving projects going on – so I’ll keep you updated. I’ve learned a bit of JavaScript – I’ll try to share the basics with you later on, I’m preparing myself for the UK Star Conference (I’m looking forward to see you there!) and I’m still working hard in my project 🙂

Rehearsals for Musical “Freedom” consume most of my spare time, but the premiere is getting closer. (fingers crossed!) Tickets will be available soon – so for now save the date:

April 25th / 26th 2018 – Teatr Polski – Wrocław (Poland)

We are collecting money for Fundacja Jaśka Meli Poza Horyzonty.
As a part of this project, last week, I had a chance to SING IN PUBLIC 🙂 It was extremely thrilling experience, but gave me a lot of power for further work.
There is also a recording from my performance. I was hesitating if I should publish it, but after all we do it for  people in need. SO – you can watch the video – BUT – you have to promise me – you’ll donate the foundation after you watch it. DEAL?

Video available here: Kinga Witko – “Proud Mary”

Something from me – something from you 🙂 Thank you in advance.

Tomorrow one of the best Polish testing conference is happening in Wrocław – so see you all at Test:Fest !!! I’ll provide you with the summary (and pictures) ASAP.


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