Theater is agile. Agile is a theater.


My Musical Freedom is over now. Through the past year – most of my time I’ve spent on rehearsing, practicing, talking, dancing, acting and singing. Quite a large chunk of work, I’d say, especially for newbies on a stage.

I have to admit – we made it. Probably even better than anybody expected.
I am proud of myself and all of us separately. I had this unique opportunity to sing on the stage, in front of 800 people gathered in the Theater – feeling that something big is going on. And feeling great.


Agnieszka Franus – a girl who did fantastic visuals for our show – did this galactic piece of art with my face (twice) on it. Originally it is me singing Star People song 🙂 Impressive!

Here is me rehearsing my song –> YouTube –> you can watch the entire movie about improving yourself and the whole event done my Marcin Pławnicki – the movie is in Polish but has English subtitles 🙂

Wait a minute – but we are talking tech here, right?



Summing up the musical – the closer we were to our premiere date – the more we’ve been rushing.
It sounds like






I believe that each (Agile) project has those three phases:

  1. We have to deliver product x somewhere in the future.
    We know our deadline – more less what to do, but think also about huge timeline in front of us.
  2. We have a month to the release date.
    All hands or deck, saving the deadline, doing over hours, fixing tons of bugs 🙂
  3. After several patches, it is finally in production. 😉
    You can rest now.

With the musical, it was pretty much the same. We’ve started from small scenes, exercises, vocal warm-ups. We did a lot of those, as the premiere date was far ahead from us. We’ve been practicing for several months, but still “had plenty of time”. We took our time to learn lyrics, scenes, prepare our roles, stenography and costumes, did it slowly with no rush, some people came up to every rehearsal, some did not. We knew our deadline but didn’t feel it yet.

When the premiere’s date emerged – I’d say during a month before The Big Day – we were able to finish all the scenes, which has been half-done for months, have all decorations and costumes prepared (at least several times in a row, because our director tended to change her mind often), learn lyrics and songs by heart, do new vocals, record them, record them again, as they were not good enough, do it all in our  rehearsal place and to it all again on the real stage in the theater. We’ve spent multiple over hours, night hours, morning hours and lunch hours rehearsing in order to make us and the audience happy.

How many times were you able to spend your extra time just to make sure that your production code work as requested? Just to make sure that the release went smooth, just to make sure that there is no issue with the production database, customer data or performance? We did pretty much the same with our theater performance.
I’d say we were extremely agile and I assume that every actor, singer, and performer is agile as well in the IT – agile way.

We had different conditions in our rehearsal hall than in the real theater and we had to adjust really quick.

Our director demanded changes in the play all the time – it was too slow, too shy, too quiet, needed more moves, fewer moves, more people, fewer people, different entrances… We had to respond to all changes at once. Each of us in individual scenes and all together as a choir, a team.
I was stunned that it all looked like a big IT project. With the same dose of chaos, energy, and motivation. People with no, quite and a lot of experience and skills, speaking different languages, having different habits and customs. Together with one goal. I think that every scrum master I know would be pleased taking part in it.

We had no daily meetings – so some of you would say – oh, so it’s not Agile, it’s not Scrum.
We were having just moving speeches done by hour director about what was good and what needs to be improved. I would compare it to a retro meeting – done daily 🙂

I believe that it is not a matter of IT project – this whole 3-stage approach. Maybe it is not even the matter of Agile, Waterfall or any other fancy way of work you choose. It is rather a way of how we – the people – tend to work. If you are a Tester, PO, Scrum Master or any Actor on a stage – you will be dedicated to your project if it matters to you.

When we have:

A GOAL that  is understandable for every member of the project team (it may include the deadline or release date as well),

COMMON APPROACH – done in a different way by different people but overall helping us act together as a team,

GOOD TEAM – they may have not an equal stage of expertise in the subject – but have to be dedicated to a task

RESPONSIVE CUSTOMER, who gives instant feedback of what to improve, what to change, what doesn’t look good.

In the end – you all can rest and celebrate the success together with the customer (or your audience).

We are on a good path to achieve success. Either in a theater, movie or within an IT project.  We’re not always right but we have to keep on it.
What do you think?





  1. Monika · May 7, 2018

    Nice article! Describes how the musical looked like from artistic perspective but it was way more that that. We had weekly 1,5 h meetings to discuss scenography, lights, sounds, scenes setup etc. we also had regulars meetings with our partners, foundation and other main stakeholders to discuss open points and work on the legal aspects. We tracked the project progress, budget, execution and adjusted deliverables if needed. It was indeed a huge project 🙂


  2. mohammad shafeek · January 2

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