Why you should always record your demo sessions


Some time ago I had a pleasure to work with two brilliant teams as a Product Owner. The entire company was working on one product, so every team and the entire business was about to achieve a common goal.

Our cooperation was great, despite the fact that most of our business was working in different time zones.

It was quite a painful fact, because, the “common” time for demo sessions was outside everybody’s working hours – too late for us in Poland and way too early for the business. Everybody in the team were eager to present their fantastic work once per sprint, but at the same time the time was an obstacle.

It helped us came across a great and simple solution for demo sessions – recording. The tool was not so important, but we’ve been using Zoom meetings, if you’re interested.

How did it work?

We met at a certain hour, convenient for the team and did a proper session. If anyone from the business side was determined enough to take part – he could. If no one attended – the recording was sent to everyone interested. After that – we’ve gathered questions and comments after the session and explained them during the next session or during regular chats if they were straight-forward. It felt at bit awkward at the beginning, but after a few sessions both – the team and the business got used to it and felt comfortable with the solution.


Of course, I, as a Product Owner, have been meeting the business anyway, so I was able to act as a middleware, if necessary 🙂

Additional benefits

There is more in the story apart from just recordings for the business. We’ve also archived all our demo sessions in Confluence to enable everybody to have access to it. Business, other teams, management and we were able to watch our recordings and learn from it.

Guess what? it started to work not only as a tool for demo and archive but also as training material for other interested parties – customers, support team, developers and testers. It was also fantastic for the new team members, as a base of their knowledge about the project and the product. This is great because our initial frustration was transformed into a valuable tool.

Since then I recommend everybody to record their demo sessions as the artefact they can be proud of. It might be not only evidence of their hard sprint work but also very beneficial for the entire organisation and yourself in the future.

Do you have any good experiences with recording your demo sessions?


  1. Thiago Morais · April 24, 2019

    At a company that I worked we did it, we called it Sprint Review, that you show for the teams what we delivered at that sprint and we recorded it too, but just the PO watched the Sprint review and nobody saw these records after, this was an artifact that nobody used in our case unfortunately.


    • Kinga Witko · April 24, 2019

      That’s a real pitty, because such movies could be really useful


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