Fail compilation #NeverStopTesting

As you probably know, I have this special ability to brake things. No matter what the app is or how fantastic the website seem to look like – everybody use it – I’ll brake it for sure. This is me. The tester.

I collect all of those in my Gallery, sometimes post on Twitter with a hashtag #NeverStopTesting, but from time to time I my collection is so large, that
I need to organize it.

Treat this post, as a trophy gallery, please.

Language translations are my favorite. From time to time I change language on my phone, in order to learn new words. It’s great to observe how various websites and applications go crazy when I switch the language back to Polish 😀

For example Facebook couldn’t handle it and crashed.

Screenshots below could be funny for my Polish readers. Extra!


I like to be well informed when something goes wrong. The sign below means “Error occurred” in Polish 🙂

Sometimes it is just wrong. Entirely wrong…

If you are a fellow tester – share your findings down below or post them as a comment on Twitter 🙂 Cheers.

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