The best of: September #neverstoptesting

Hi Folks!

Let me cheer you up with a bunch of my daily crashes – more of it, as always -> @kingatest with a #neverstoptesting hashtag.

  1. 500 and 400 errors.

Why oh why always the same. Would you be so kind and read UI Heuristics and implement them in your life.

You don’t have to be over creative in such activities – but at least do not display a piece of an error stating that there is a 500 at your end when there is 500 at your end. Pretty pleeeese!

Gmina Miękinia

2. UI errors

in some online shops, and PL government websites, as we usually have 😀 Adorable, aren’t they? CSS is awesome


4. Winter is comming

ZIMA means WINTER in Polish.

I think you’ve liked this one the most in September. The famous quote speaks to all of us, isn’t it?

The “list” comes from a website displayed on a mobile device. Funny part – empty dots move to the sub pages as well!

Sudety info

5. Disappearing “Add to bucket”

Heuristics again!

What is the problem here? The popup with a chatbot overlap the “Add to cart” button. There is an x icon, that shall lead to a page without poup, but unfortunately, it does nothing.

At this point – it is not possible to buy anything – not the best message for the retailer, right?


6. Disappearing images.

IKEA deserves a separated chapter this month, or maybe even a post. The number of issues on the PL website of this retailer left me exploding from anger.

For now – disappearing images.

IKEA Polska

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Have a lovely October!

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