Kinga of the House Witko, the First of Her name, Queen of the Tests, The rightful Queen of The Bugs, legit Bloger, Mother of 2 Princesses and a One Cat, conference speaker:

Aug 2016 – WrotQA [Wroclaw, Poland] “iMess – Tester na straży aplikacji mobilnej”
Nov 2016 – Wroclove GeekGirls Carrots [Wroclaw, Poland] “Tester – guardian of UI in mobile applications”
Jan 2017 – Wroclove GeegGirls Carrots [Wroclaw, Poland] “Jak zostać QA”
Feb 2017 – TestFest [Wroclaw, Poland] “How to become Jedi tester”- 3rd best speaker at the conference
Jun 2017 – Quality Excites [Gliwice, Poland ] “How to become Jedi Master” 
Sep 2017 – IT Talk [Wroclaw, Poland] “Yes, you need time for bug fixes”
Sep 2017 – Wroclaw Agile Day [Wroclaw, Poland] “Yes, you need time for bug fixes”
Sep 2017 – SeeTest [Sofia, Bulgaria] “Yes, you need time for bug fixes”
Mar 2018 – UK Star [London, UK] “Make IT accessible”

Jun 2019 – TestingCup 2019 Poznań, Poland “get more time for testing with Zero Waste”

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