Geek doesn’t have gender

Geekdoesn't haveBETTER

Hello Boys and Girls!
Greetings from hot Wrocław (27 C degrees today!).

The Geek

If you live in US – it is probably not an issue for you, but here – in Poland (Eastern Europe) – it is still a big deal.

Option 1:

In IT?
Data warehouse?
Heeeeeeell NO!

Option 2:

In Data warehouse?
Do you have a picture?


We may fight stereotypes, run societies, be visible in IT industry, but at the end, there is always a guy asking: “Are you really from IT department?“.

What hurts me the most is adding a noun to words such as: geek, dev, it and so on.
We have ‘geek-girl‘ , ‘IT-girl‘. At the same time we don’t need to have ‘geek-boy‘ or ‘dev-boy‘. When we say ‘a developer‘ – the first thing that crosses peoples’ mind is a guy wearing T-shirt and glasses (another stereotype).

In the world divided into pink ponies and Barbies at one side and violent killers or fast cars at the other-  it is hard to grow a female geek. It’s getting more and more popular to teach women coding or testing (thanks God for such initiatives as Geek Girls Carrots or Girls Who Test), but still – it is a constant fight.

As good as men


A while ago I’ve read a sentence advertising programming course for girls: “We can be as good as men“.


Why not the other way around: “To be as good as women in testing“?

I truly believe that girls are awesome testers. We are able to share our attention to: test, prepare documentation, talk to 4 people at once and polish our nails at the same time:) No, really!

Job search

I can still remember one of my first work interviews for a tester position.
It went well, I believe. I’ve passed a written test and felt confident. There were plenty of us waiting outside the door to hear who is getting the job. I was the only girl there.
None of us had great experience in that field.

Unfortunately, I was the only one who was invited inside and informed by a manager, that he agrees – my results were great – but I am A GIRL. He said, that he prefers to hire even less experienced MALE candidate, because hiring a girl is a risk (pregnancy, lack of knowledge, you know. Ha. Ha. Ha.). It really happened.

A lot of things have changed on labor market since that day (even in Poland!), but I don’t believe that such managers are retired by now 🙂
I’m afraid, that there are still people out there with similar mindset.
We – the women – have to prove each and every day that we are skilled and talented equally as men. It’s tiring, isn’t it ladies?

Stop it – NOW

This is my statement – stop suggesting gender for geeks.
Geek can be either man or woman.
Being smart or talented is not a matter of gender.

When thinking about people – think about their abilities and skills. Fall in love with their brains. Stop asking for pictures. (Unless it has nothing to do with job offers:) )

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want any special privileges because of my femininity.
Treat me equal, please. That’s all!