I’m baaaack 🙂

Three fantastic news to be revealed at the same time, as I promised.

Thrilling news No.1 as a main course:  
My journey at UBS is over. It was a fantastic time and I’ve learned a lot, however, now it is time to move on. As some of you already know, since September I am beginning my adventure with New Voice Media.
I can’t wait and really looking forward to do some awesome things in the area of testing and agile.

Social news – as No.2 –
I’ve started a Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/KingaTest.blog/ to keep in touch with my (not only) Polish readers. It will be in Polish:)
I’ll try to post there updates about fantastic testing events (not only) in Wrocław and maybe more of my mobile-related discoveries. Fell free to Like!, Share or contact me through this channel, comment articles, posts and whatever you wish.
I wish it to be a common social IT-related space.

Conference News No3. –
September is going to be a busy month – I would like to meet you all at 3 fantastic events:
21st – QA talk at DataArt Wrocław
23rd – Wrocław Agile Day
28th – SeeTest in Sofia

Let’s meet and have a chat!

And exciting news No.4 –
I do believe that working in IT and earning money obliges us to help the others, who were not as lucky as we are – especially people in need. I always try to support various initiatives such as SiePomaga, Fundacja Gajusz or Fundacja Anny Dymnej.

Can we do more?

Together with quite large group of people from UBS, Credit Suisse, Epam, XL Catlin we’re preparing A MUSICAL called Freedom.
Yeeeeeeeeeees. Kinga Witko will be singing (and dancing – oh Lord) 🙂
All for Fundacja Jaśka Meli.

We do it for charity, but have amazing fun at the same time 🙂

Imagine bunch of IT and bank-related people singing and dancing on a real stage. 🙂 Insane. That will be huge! Our project lasts for couple of months now, but currently it speeds up! Great premiere will take place in April 2018 in one of REAL theaters in Wrocław. I’ll try to keep you updated on social media, as it’s now official 🙂

I would like to invite you all to Wrocław in April to be a part of this fantastic event, but in the meantime – you can support Jasiek Mela – or any other people in need.
Let’s be the change!
Let’s be open.
Let other people grow.


Geek doesn’t have gender

Geekdoesn't haveBETTER

Hello Boys and Girls!
Greetings from hot Wrocław (27 C degrees today!).

The Geek

If you live in US – it is probably not an issue for you, but here – in Poland (Eastern Europe) – it is still a big deal.

Option 1:

In IT?
Data warehouse?
Heeeeeeell NO!

Option 2:

In Data warehouse?
Do you have a picture?


We may fight stereotypes, run societies, be visible in IT industry, but at the end, there is always a guy asking: “Are you really from IT department?“.

What hurts me the most is adding a noun to words such as: geek, dev, it and so on.
We have ‘geek-girl‘ , ‘IT-girl‘. At the same time we don’t need to have ‘geek-boy‘ or ‘dev-boy‘. When we say ‘a developer‘ – the first thing that crosses peoples’ mind is a guy wearing T-shirt and glasses (another stereotype).

In the world divided into pink ponies and Barbies at one side and violent killers or fast cars at the other-  it is hard to grow a female geek. It’s getting more and more popular to teach women coding or testing (thanks God for such initiatives as Geek Girls Carrots or Girls Who Test), but still – it is a constant fight.

As good as men


A while ago I’ve read a sentence advertising programming course for girls: “We can be as good as men“.


Why not the other way around: “To be as good as women in testing“?

I truly believe that girls are awesome testers. We are able to share our attention to: test, prepare documentation, talk to 4 people at once and polish our nails at the same time:) No, really!

Job search

I can still remember one of my first work interviews for a tester position.
It went well, I believe. I’ve passed a written test and felt confident. There were plenty of us waiting outside the door to hear who is getting the job. I was the only girl there.
None of us had great experience in that field.

Unfortunately, I was the only one who was invited inside and informed by a manager, that he agrees – my results were great – but I am A GIRL. He said, that he prefers to hire even less experienced MALE candidate, because hiring a girl is a risk (pregnancy, lack of knowledge, you know. Ha. Ha. Ha.). It really happened.

A lot of things have changed on labor market since that day (even in Poland!), but I don’t believe that such managers are retired by now 🙂
I’m afraid, that there are still people out there with similar mindset.
We – the women – have to prove each and every day that we are skilled and talented equally as men. It’s tiring, isn’t it ladies?

Stop it – NOW

This is my statement – stop suggesting gender for geeks.
Geek can be either man or woman.
Being smart or talented is not a matter of gender.

When thinking about people – think about their abilities and skills. Fall in love with their brains. Stop asking for pictures. (Unless it has nothing to do with job offers:) )

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want any special privileges because of my femininity.
Treat me equal, please. That’s all!